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Exams and Test

Terminal Exams, Final Exams & Test Papers

There are normally three examinations. First Terminal, second Terminal and Final Examination in each academic year, (which is divided into three terms).

Very sick children or children suffering from an infectious disease should not be sent to school for exams.

A pupil who is absent for Unit Tests will not be retested. Absence from a subject excludes a student from being reckoned in the order of merit in the examination. Under no condition will written test/exam be taken orally.

THE ANSWER PAPERS OF THE FINAL EXAMS ARE NOT SHOWN. IF the need arises then the Principal and the administrator will probe the matter and their findings and decision will be final. Such matters should be brought up for consideration within a fortnight of the distribution of Report Cards and not later.


For Std. IV, V & VI : Passing in English, Hindi and Mathematics in each of the tests is compulsory. In order to pass a student it is required to obtain 45% marks in all other subjects.

For Std. VII & above : Failure in any of the following subject i.e. English, Hindi, Maths, Science and Social Studies in the final grade disqualifies a student from promo¬tion.

Subject to the provision of Para I above and further to it, students who habitually absent themselves from classes or from TEST/EXAMINATIONS without good reason, ac¬ceptable to the Principal shall not be promoted to the next class and the student may at the discretion of the Principal be required to leave the school.

If for unforeseeable reasons, acceptable to the Principal, a student is unable to ap¬pear at the FINAL TEST, a student will be required to have passed in each of the subjects ENGLISH, HINDI and MATHEMATICS and to have obtained aggregate of 45% in other subjects in the TWO TERMINAL TESTS. The pass marks in such a case shall be 45% for English, Hindi and Mathematics. This is application for classes IV to VII.

Non-attendance in all of the tests, i.e. Half-yearly and Final, shall disqualify a student for promotion.

All question of promotion or failure shall vest in the school authority and the decision of the Principal shall be final and cannot be reconsidered.

NOTE : The Principal may exercise her/his discretionary powers on applying any of the conditions mentioned above in exceptional cases.

A pupil who is absent for ANY TEST will NOT BE RESTESTED. Absence from a subject excludes a students from being reckoned in the order of merit in the examination.

Any irregularity detected during an examination is punishable with expulsion from the examination room. If discovered later, the paper will not be assessed. The Principal's decretion will be accepted in reaching a final decision as regards the matter.

Any student who is over-age according to school's norms or is considered to have failed to qualify academically at the end of the academic year may be required to leave the School. Students who will have spent two years in the same class and who fail to qualify for promotion to the next succeeding class at the end of second year shall have to leave the school.

Students who fail to pass at the end of the year but are within the age group may be required to repeat the class or leave the school. NO CONDITIONAL PROMOTION WILL BE GIVEN.