Timings8:00 am to 1:30 pm

School Property

Care should be taken to keep the school clean at all times. Litter must be disposed of in the binds provided for this purpose.

Pupils are not to deface desks/chairs, walls or damage any school furniture. Even accidental damage must be reported to the Class Teacher and must be made good by those responsible.

Each class is responsible for all class property. Damage to property will have to be made good by the students of the Class concerned.

Deliberate and wilful or repeated damage to the School property would be viewed as a major misconduct. The parent concerned will have to make good the damage. Further, depending upon the severity of the damage and or repetition of the vandalism the parent would on request have to withdraw his ward from the School, or the student would have to face expulsion.

School Diary

(i). All students when attending their classes must have their school diary with them. A defaulter in the matter will be given a day's time to comply with the rule. Failure to do so thereafter will cause him/her to be suspended from his/her classes till he/she complies with.

(ii).In order to secure all that is best in the education of your ward, maximum co-operation between Parents and the school in necessary. Besides, periodic circulars are sent out to Parents to keep them apprised of developments in the school. The diary serves as a convenient channel of two-way communication between Parents and Teachers.

WE EARNESTLY REQUEST YOU TO HAVE A LOOK INTO THE CALENDAR EVERY DAY AND SEE THAT HOMEWORK ASSIGNED FOR THE NEXT DAY IS COMPLETED. Your prompt attention to Teacher's remarks is essential. Regular hours of study at home will help your child to develop proper study habits.

First Aid

In case of minor injuries the School will provide first aid. No oral medication will be given unless the parent so desired in writing. However If the student at the time requires expert medical care, efforts will be made to notify the parent of the same and if necessary the school will make the required arrangements of sending the child to the doctor or to the hospital and the parent will be required to reimburse the school for the expenses incurred thereon.