Timings8:00 am to 1:30 pm

Guidelines For Parents

1. Please co-operate with the school authorities and staff in enforcing school rules and disciplines, observing that your child studies regularly at home, comes to school regularly and timely, maintains a continuity in his/her school work and effectively takes helpful interest in school activities.

2. Please see your ward's diary everyday and help follow Principals/teachers remarks and messages. Please sing as a proof of it.

3. The Principal reserves right to inflict punishment upon any student if it may see necessary.

4. Parents must realize the importance of Parents/Guardian's meeting. We expect Parents/Guardian's to meeting. We expect Parents/Guardian's to attend such meeting whenever informed.

5. As an integral Part of education, tours and excursions are conducted for the students. Parents are requested to encourage their wards accordingly.

6. Encourage your ward to attend the school regularly and in uniform. Remember to apply for leave if for some unavoidable reasons your ward fails to attend classes.

7. Please mentions Name, Roll Number, Class and Section of your wards in all the correspondence with school.

8. Please pay school dues in time

9. Please do not give extra money or costly items to your ward.

10. Please meet Principal for contacting your ward during the school hours. Direct entry into class room or meeting the teacher while the class is in progress, is not allowed.

11. Please provide your ward with necessary reading and writing materials.

12. Please do not criticize the school or teacher in the presence of your ward. Approach the principal, if occasion so demands.

13. Please send your ward to school only when he/she is physically fit and is in a position to continue till school beaks up.

14. Please ensure that all the books and note books are covered with brown paper.

15. Please intimate the school in case of change in address telephone number.