Timings8:00 am to 1:30 pm


Park Mount Public School founded in 2000, a prominent non-Government Education Organisation; is dedicated to cherish in its Students the good old tradition of Indian culture and civilization along with modern advances of technological and Scientific.

Parents desiring admission for their children are required to complete the application form for registration-cum-evaluation test and return it along with the necessary fee, which is not refundable, not does it constitute any assurance for admission.

Children are the future of the nation. However, in the light of this fact and with the motto of "Better Tomorrow" the school is dedicated to serve as a light house to society. The institution by its unique service is not only dispelling ignorance and illiteracy but also production patriots, freedom fighters, Social reformers, intellectuals, thinkers, legal luminaries, doctors and engineers of unparallel merit, integrity and calibre.

Great importance is attached for inculcating students to develop their physical, mental and spiritual dimensions of personality. We believe that a harmonious development of these three faculties can bring a total transformation in the personality of a child. The school is of the firm opinion that a sound moral, cultural and physical training is as important as academic and scholastic instruction in preparing a student for their role in life. Hence much importance is attributed to games, sports and physical cultivation including yoga, dramatis, debates, social work, general knowledge etc to keep the students mentally alert and to cope with time. Love for country and respect for its tradition values is carefully cultivated in every pupil so that he/she can be sincere and committed citizen for the "Better Tomorrow" of the country.